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BrainShare 2014
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9881 - BrainShare Welcome Reception Let us welcome you to BrainShare 2014 with food, drinks and fun. Join us in IT Central to get your first glimpse of the show room floor while you shake off the dust of your travels and meet your fellow attendees. 3 Hours
9883 - Open Night The Salt Lake Convention and Visitor’s Bureau, Visit Salt Lake, is adjacent to the Salt Palace. Staff members there can give you suggestions on places to see and make recommendations on great restaurants. For your convenience, a housing and restaurant information desk, staffed by Visit Salt Lake, will be available in the South lobby on Sunday and Monday. 4 Hours
9885 - Meet the Experts Join us for a fun event under the Big Top! At Meet the Experts, there may be a little clowning around, but in this ring, you'll have the opportunity to directly to our engineers. Enjoy some good food and drinks while sharing your pain points, giving us feedback and getting detailed answers to your technical quistions. Be sure to complete your IT Central Promotion card to be included in a drawing at 7:45 pm for an iPad mini, MINI JAMBOX or Slingbox M1. 2 Hours
9886 - Conference Party Kick up your heels and dust off your boots … the Texas trio is coming to town. Grammy Awardwinning artist, Los Lonely Boys will get the Salt Palace hopping with their unique brand of “Texican Rock.” Don’t miss out on this chance for great food, great music and great fun! This conference party is going to be a little bit country and a little bit rock ’n’ roll; during dinner, Artie Hemphill and the Iron Horse Band will join us. Once that show is over, we’ll give away awards for the BrainShare Selfie Showdown and other promotions from throughout the event. Then, get ready for the rock ’n’ roll to start with the Los Lonely Boys. 4 Hours
ATT8160 - 050-730 Certified NetIQ Identity Manager Administrator 4 Exam

Approximate Time to Complete: 65 Minutes

Are you ready for next-generation of identity management solutions? NetIQ Identity Manager 4 is the foundation for your identity-infused enterprise and contains important new services, features, and capabilities. Prove you know how to competently administer this advanced family of products by getting certified. The Certified NetIQ Identity Manager Administrator (CNIMA) certification tests your knowledge and skills with NetIQ Identity Manager 4: Advanced Edition.

1 hour 30 minutes
ATT8161 - 050-719 Novell Certified Administrator Enterprise Services Exam

Approximate Time to Complete: 70 Minutes

The NCA ES certification is for Courses 2000 and 3088. You will not only have access to information on the basics of the Novell story, solutions and services, you will also learn administration skills such as file and print, user management and network infrastructure.

1 hour 30 minutes
ATT8162 - 050-709 Novell Certified Engineer Enterprise Services Exam

Approximate Time: 120 Minutes

The NCE ES is designed to assist the CNE Community migrate their skills and knowledge to Linux in an Novell Open Enterprise Server deployment

3 hours
ATT8163 - Novell Certified ZENworks Professional 11 *BETA* Exam

As a special invitation for BrainShare attendees, come and help us beta test our new exam and provide input for the upcoming Novell Certified ZENWorks Professional 11 Certification. This new certification is based on Course 3120: Novell ZENworks 11 Configuration Management SP3. If you pass the exam, you will receive our certification.

1 hour 30 minutes
ATT8231 - Creating a Customized USB Thumb Drive for ZCM Imaging


Course Description Learn the techniques required to create a customized version of the Novell ZENworks Configuration Management (ZCM) imaging distribution that can be booted from a USB thumb drive. You will learn how to modify the system resource files of the bootcd_tntfs.iso file to include a custom imaging menu that launches your custom bash imaging scripts. This customized ISO file can then be used by the ZENUsbcreator utility introduced in ZENworks Configuration Management 11 SP3, to create a bootable USB thumb drive that contains your modifications to the ZCM imaging distribution.

This session focuses on the procedure required to build a customized USB thumb drive for ZCM imaging. It is not intended to teach you how to develop your own bash imaging scripts. The scripts that you will be including on your thumb drive have been developed for you. (Note: Novell Training Services offers a three day on-line course entitled “Leveraging Scripted Imaging in ZENworks Configuration Management.” This course teaches the bash scripting language and how to use it for imaging purposes.)

Intended Audience This session is designed for those ZCM network administrators and engineers who are responsible for deploying images to users' desktops and laptops. This session will be especially useful for those administrators:

• Who desire to use their standard corporate images for small remote or branch office locations that don't have ZCM Imaging Satellite Servers

• Or, those administrators who simply want a highly portable imaging solution to carry around in their pocket

Prerequisites The student should have the following experience and skills prior to attending this session:

• Has supported Windows 7 workstations in a networked environment

• Has experience using the ZENworks Control Center

• Understands the basics of ZCM imaging. This includes understanding ZCM imaging related terminology such as: Preboot Bundles, Hardware Rules and ZMG files

• Understands the basic differences between imaging a PXE-enabled workstation and imaging a workstation using a bootable CD

8 hours Richard Hanley
ATT8232 - NetIQ Identity Manager 4.02 Enhancement Pack


Course Description NetIQ Identity Manager 4.02 is a bundle of new enhancements including:

• Identity Manager Home; New UI for all permission requests and approvals

• Identity Manager Catalog Administrator; New management interface for resource and Roles

• Entitlement Permission Onboarding; Creates resources automatically in User Application. Resources can be assigned through the publisher channel

• Identity Manager Access Review; Perform a review on employee's permissions and accounts

This one-day training session includes a lecture and a hands-on lab to prepare you for implementing these technologies in a production environment

Intended Audience This session is for customers and partners who currently have IDM 4.x implemented or are planning an implementation of IDM 4.02.

Those who have not seen these new enhancements will be particularly interested in the ease of implementation as well as the ease of creating and administering things like role-based entitlements.

Prerequisites The student should be knowledgeable about:

• Administration of an IDM 4.0 implementation

• The use of such tools like Designer, iManager and the User Application

• The basics of IDM and the concepts of entitlements and role-based provisioning

8 hours Mark Forsey
ATT8355 - Introduction to ZENworks Configuration Management 11 SP3 ZENUsbcreator Utility

ZENworks Configuration Management 11 SP3 makes it easy to add imaging to a thumb drive with its new utility, ZENUsbcreator. This utility offers a supported method for booting the ZENworks Configuration Management imaging distro from a USB thumb drive. In this session, you will learn more about ZENUsbcreator and how to build your own bootable thumb drive for imaging operations. We will also discuss what Novell Training Services classes you can take to learn more about the ZENworks Configuration Management imaging distro.

To be successful during the hands-on labs, students should have experience with:

  • • Windows workstation management
  • • ZENworks Configuration Management architecture and terminology
  • • The ZENworks Control Center
  • 2 hours 30 minutes Richard Hanley
    ATT8356 - Creating Targeted Hardware Rules for ZENworks Configuration Management PXE-Based Imaging

    Are you reluctant to use PXE-based ZENworks Configuration Management imaging for fear of making a mistake? If so, then this course is for you. In this session, you will learn about the purpose of Hardware Rules, how you can use them to trigger imaging operations, and what types of PXE-enabled devices you can image. You will gain hands-on experience configuring filters, building complex Hardware Rules, and triggering image operations on PXE-enabled devices.

    To be successful during the hands-on labs, students should have experience with:

    • Windows workstation management
    • ZENworks Configuration Management terminology and concepts, especially ZCM Preboot Imaging Bundles
    • The ZENworks Control Center
    2 hours 30 minutes Richard Hanley
    ATT8357 - Deploy the ZENworks Adaptive Agent using Network Discovery

    This session will introduce you to a deploying the ZENworks Adaptive agent using a network discover task. Using an IP discovery configuration is the best way to discover devices that are not part of an Active Directory domain and are not imported into an eDirectory tree.

    • Implement Device Discovery using IP addresses
    • Deploy the Adaptive Agent using a Registration Key.

    Prerequisites: Students should meet the following prerequisites in order to be successful during the hands-on labs:

    • have basic networking skills
    • understand ZCM architecture and terminology
    • have hands-on experience using the ZENworks Control Center.
    2 hours 30 minutes Paul Lamontagne
    ATT8358 - Streaming Virtualized Applications using ZENworks Application Virtualization

    This session will introduce you to streaming virtualized applications using ZENworks Application Virtualization. You will create a custom streaming application, optimize the application and manage container permissions.

    • Build a custom virtualized application
    • Stream the virtualized application from the Web Server

    Prerequisites: Students should meet the following prerequisites in order to be successful during the hands-on labs:

    • have basic networking skills
    • understand application terminology
    • have basic Windows Server knowledge
    2 hours 30 minutes Paul Lamontagne
    ATT8359 - Introduction to PlateSpin Recon: Gathering Workload Inventory Information

    Keeping track of your data center environment is no simple task. This session will introduce you to PlateSpin Recon, a virtualization planning tool that can gather workload inventory information, such as allocated resources and installed software. During this session you will learn how PlateSpin Recon gathers workload information without an agent as well as what types of information it can collect and how you can view gathered data.

    There are no prerequisites for this class—it is open to anyone who wants to learn more about workload inventory with PlateSpin Recon.

    1 hour Frank Moore
    ATT8360 - Introduction to PlateSpin Recon: Gathering Workload Resource Utilization Information

    This is the second session in the Introduction to PlateSpin Recon series. In this session you will continue to familiarize yourself with PlateSpin Recon, learning how it can gather workload resource utilization information, such as CPU, memory, disk and network utilization. This session will also continue to discuss how PlateSpin Recon gathers information without an agent, what information it collects and how you can view the gathered data.

    There are no prerequisites for this class—it is open to anyone who wants to learn more about gathering workload resource utilization information with PlateSpin Recon.

    1 hour Frank Moore
    ATT8361 - PlateSpin Migrate: Migrating Workloads while They Run in Production

    This session will introduce you to PlateSpin Migrate and how it can migrate Windows or Linux workloads to new virtual or physical targets while they are running in production. This is one of the most useful tools you can find for everyday use in your data center and provides you with the flexibility to reallocate hardware and virtual resources during the day

    During this session you will:

    • Understand how PlateSpin Migrate moves or copies a workload

    • Actually move a workload to an ESX environment

    • Learn what other environments can be handled

    Prerequisites: Students should meet the following prerequisites in order to be successful during the hands-on labs:

    • An understanding of virtual environments and physical machines

    2 hours 30 minutes Frank Moore
    ATT8362 - Introduction to PlateSpin Protect: How to Protect Workloads in a New and Better Way

    This session will introduce you to PlateSpin Protect and how it can protect workloads incrementally while they are running in production eliminating those troublesome tapes and limited backup windows. They can be protected locally for quick recovery in case of failures or off-site for disaster recovery

    During this session you will:

    • Understand for Protect backs up the workloads while they are running in production

    • Actually protect a Windows workload and setup a regular protection schedule

    • Learn how it can be used as a disaster recovery solution

    Prerequisites: Students should meet the following prerequisites in order to be successful during the hands-on labs:

    • An understanding of virtual environment and backups

    2 hours 30 minutes Frank Moore
    ATT8363 - Novell iPrint Mobile Appliance 1.1 – Remote Rendering Explained

    Some of the biggest changes introduced in the latest version of the iPrint appliance deal with the remote rendering feature. Not only has the configuration changed, but now each render can use more than one driver. In this session we will discuss how to configure the remote loader as well as the use of multiple drivers. You will also gain hands-on experience configuring the remote loader for the iPrint mobile appliance.

    You should already be familiar with iManager as well as the basic installation and administration of the iPrint mobile appliance.

    1 hour Bill Lambert
    ATT8364 - Novell Filr 1.1 – Do I Really Need to Import All or Any of My Groups?

    The Filr documentation talks of importing groups from one or more LDAP directories. However, in many directories, there can be hundreds of groups and it may seem impossible to know how many or which ones to import. Luckily, this course has the answers. In this session we will discuss Filr groups in depth, focusing on what to import and why. You will also gain hands-on experience creating dynamic groups within the Filr administration interface.

    You should be familiar with the Filr administration console and Filr sharing permissions.

    1 hour Bill Lambert
    ATT8365 - Open Enterprise Server 11.2 DSfW Top Troubleshooting Tools and Tips

    DSfW is an important and useful services within OES 11. Just like any service however, it may need some troubleshooting now and then. In this two-hour session, we will explore some of the tools for troubleshooting DSfW, along with tips. You will also receive hands-on instruction to become familiar with the tools on your own.

    You should already be familiar with the SFW architecture and the various options for implementation. You should have a basic understanding of active directory as well as the directory structure. An understanding of tools like iManager and the command line would be useful.

    2 hours 30 minutes Bill Lambert
    ATT8366 - Upgrade to Novell GroupWise 2014

    This session will cover the steps needed to upgrade an existing GroupWise 8 or GroupWise 2012 system to GroupWise 2014. During this session, students will learn about the purpose and function of the GroupWise 2014 admin service and install console—including console security, the upgrade process, the new administration utility and the admin console.

    To be successful during the hands-on labs, students should be familiar with:

    • GroupWise agents running on Linux or Windows servers
    • The GroupWise file structure

    GroupWise startup scripts (Linux only)

    2 hours 30 minutes Kent Gassman
    ATT8367 - Novell GroupWise 2014 and the Directory

    This session covers the new approach in GroupWise 2014 to directory integration. During this session, you will learn about a variety of GroupWise directory features and configurations from directory independence, to directory links (eDirectory, Active Directory or both), and about managing synchronization between GroupWise and the directory. This session also teaches you how to install and use GroupWise 2014 management console plug-ins.

    To be successful during the hands-on labs, students should already be familiar with Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP).

    2 hours 30 minutes Kent Gassman
    ATT8368 - Introduction to ZENworks Reporting 5 Administration

    ZENworks Reporting 5 is the new add-on reporting tool for the ZENworks product line, supporting reports for all ZENworks features. It replaces the ZENworks Reporting Server utility. This session will introduce you to the installation and administration of ZENworks Reporting 5. We will discuss reasons for adding ZENworks Reporting 5 to your environment; planning, installation and patching considerations; and managing users, roles and permissions. We will also discuss moving from ZENworks Reporting Server to ZENworks Reporting 5.

    Prerequisites: Attendees should be familiar with the administration and installation of ZENworks 10.x or 11.x implementations. Some insight into reporting requirements at your company would be helpful. Previous experience with ZENworks Reporting Server is not required.

    1 hour Bruce McDowell
    ATT8369 - Introduction to Building Reports with ZENworks Reporting 5

    ZENworks Reporting 5 is the new add-on reporting tool for the ZENworks product line, supporting reports for all ZENworks features. It replaces the ZENworks Reporting Server utility. This session will introduce you to building and managing reports in ZENworks Reporting 5. You will learn to navigate ZENworks Reporting 5 and how to manage reports. You will also learn to create Ad Hoc Views and Topics, design reports and dashboards, and convert reports from ZENworks Reporting Server.

    Prerequisites: Attendees should be familiar with the reporting requirements at their company. Previous experience with ZENworks Reporting Server is not required.

    1 hour Bruce McDowell
    ATT8370 - Discovery Methods in ZENworks Asset Management and ZENworks Configuration Management ZENworks features several powerful discovery technologies to assist with the management of your device configurations and hardware / software assets. Utilizing the tools efficiently can not only help you manage your assets more effectively, but also save money. This session will cover several ways to discover information using ZENworks and how to utilize that data. Topics will include: • Agentless discovery of IP-connected devices • The ZENworks Inventory Engine • Making sure you’re recognizing all the hardware and software you need to find, and how to improve recognition if necessary • Software usage analysis and how it can save you money Prerequisites: Attendees familiar with the configuration and management of their ZENworks 10.x or 11.x implementation will gain useful insight into how to better acquire and manage device information but managers with no previous ZENworks experience will also find the information useful. 1 hour Bruce McDowell
    ATT8372 - Basics of Software Reconciliation in ZENworks Asset Management

    From audit prevention to improving software purchasing processes to maximize cost efficiency, reconciling software purchasing data to software inventory is an important tool in ZENworks Asset Management and the ZENworks Suite.

    This session will provide an overview of the basic elements and techniques involved with the reconciliation process in ZENworks Asset Management. Topics will include:

    • Software purchase data input and import
    • Management of discovered products, a filtered view of software inventory
    • Simple reconciliation of purchase data to discovered products

    Prerequisites: Some familiarity with navigating in the ZENworks Control Center would be useful but not essential.

    1 hour Bruce McDowell
    ATT8373 - Using NetIQ's Implementation of NetFlow to Solve Customer's Problems

    NetFlow and other protocols like IPFIX, JFlow and sFlow are low-level network traffic auditing protocols that record information about individual network conversations. This session will demonstrate installation, configuration and use of NetIQ® Netflow to find events, how to present data in easily understandable “before-and-after” terms and how it summarizes and publishes information to NetIQ Sentinel™. The session targets admins who want to successfully install and deploy Netflow or are new to Sentinel 7.2 and want to understand features included in the new release.

    To attend this session, participants should:

    • have experience managing NetIQ Sentinel in a networked environment.
    • have a high-level understanding of network terminology and concepts.
    • have hands-on experience using the NetIQ Sentinel web user interface.
    2 hours 30 minutes Gary Porter
    ATT8374 - The Granular Delegation of NetIQ Directory and Resource Administrator

    This session will show how you can gain granular security controls by restricting users’ visibility of specific controls, information and directory objects, thus increasing security. Admins wanting to learn single-tool Active Directory management or how to use native tools to simplify complex processes are welcome to attend. Attendees will learn to processes such as finding objects, creating groups, managing accounts, working with account templates and managing mailboxes and contacts. All these capabilities make NetIQ® Directory and Resource Administrator™ vital to any AD shop.

    To attend this session, participants should:

    • have a basic understanding of the Active Directory environment.
    • have experience using the Active Directory Users and Computers tool.
    1 hour Gary Porter
    ATT8376 - NetIQ Identity Manager: Entitlements Creation, Implementation and Onboarding

    Entitlements provide greater visibility into authorizations NetIQ® Identity Manager grants users. This session includes a lecture and a hands-on portion to clarify using entitlements in your Identity Manager infrastructure. You will create an entitlement, including defining policies to carry out the requisite processes, then use it with: Entitlements Service Driver, User Application Provisioning Workflow, and RBPM Resource Model. Identity Manager admins are our focus, particularly those wanting to learn to implement an entitlement framework in their environment or understand their current entitlement implementation.

    To attend this session, participants should:

    • understand the NetIQ Identity Manager architecture, including User Application and Workflows.
    • have some hands-on experience using Designer.
    2 hours 30 minutes Mark Forsey
    ATT8377 - NetIQ Identity Manager: Introduction to Access Review

    This session introduces the new NetIQ® Identity Manager Access Review Application. Permissions and authorizations are being granted daily in your Identity Manager environment without any accountability, approval process or review, but Access Review gives you more visibility on current permissions and authorizations. Managers, administrators, and auditors can verify each authorization and permission. This session will show you how to install and implement Access Review, how to collect accounds and entitlements and how to perform an Access Review. If you’re an Identity Manager admin wanting to learn more about Access Review and to get hands-on experience with it, this session is perfect for you.

    To attend this session, participants should:

    • Understand the Identity Manager architecture including associations and entitlements
    2 hours 30 minutes Mark Forsey
    ATT9620 - Expanding the Reach of NetIQ Sentinel Using the NetIQ Sentinel Software Developer Kit (SDK)

    New sources of security data are pouring into your environment by the minute: custom applications, threat intelligence feeds, configuration management databases (CMDBs). Using the Sentinel Software Developer Kit, we will show you how to take all of these sources and make the most of them in your NetIQ Sentinel Deployment.

    2 hours 30 minutes Gary Porter
    CAS5404 - A perfect coherence, SAP HCM and NetIQ's Identity Manager workflow- based user provisioning Explore how the leading, highly specialized Swiss university hospital with more that 66'000 yearly patients established a workflow- based personnel and user provisioning solution, covering SAP HCM, SAP PI, infrastructure directories, email systems and as well physical building access and point-of-sale applications. The session will highlight how the foundational NetIQ identity management solution has been designed and implemented to handle complete joiner, mover, leaver and as well request an approval processes for the whole medical and non-medical staff of around 12'000 employees. 1 hour Norman Leuenberger
    CAS6460 - An Identity and Access Management Journey The journey of an enterprise Identity and Access Management (IAM) implementation starts with the business requirements and ends with the value experienced by the business. Technology should not play central stage because IT alone will not bring about the necessary change for the business to realize the value of IAM. For more than 15 years, iC Consult Group has helped global enterprise organizations in healthcare, manufacturing, banking, automotive and public sector strategize, plan and implement projects covering all areas of identity and access management. In this session, Mike Neuenschwander, CEO of iC Consult Americas will discuss the challenges and techniques IT organizations need to adopt in order to implement a successful enterprise IAM project, including addressing the people and process aspects of IAM. 1 hour Mike Neuenschwander
    CAS7181 - Extending Access Management to BYOD Users MobileAccess isn't just for cloud applications. If you currently have web based applications managed by Access Manager you can extend the ones you want to your mobile devices with minimal effort. Bob Bentley and Matthew Ehle show how the Attachmate Group leveraged their existing infrastructure to deliver secured applications to their mobile users. They will discuss the advantages of their approach as well as how they see their mobile solutions expanding in the future. Few organizations run their business completely on cloud-based applications because frequently there are set of core business that aren't going anywhere. Come see how to deliver seamless application access to your mobile users. 1 hour Matthew Ehle
    Bob Bentley
    CAS7837 - Content Management in a ZENworks Environment

    ZENworks offers a number of ways to deploy files that are associated with ZENworks policies, bundles and updates. This session helps you understand the different approaches and why to use each approach. This session also looks at how Trinity Health used location-based Squid Proxies in Novell ZENworks to significantly reduce network traffic associated with content delivery. You will also learn best practices and how to troubleshoot ZENworks content.

    1 hour Chad Griewahn
    Todd Laycock
    CAS7969 - Using Vibe to Easily Solve Collaboration Challenges Collaboration challenges commonly make IT want to revamp an aging company Intranet or other portal. Many consider SharePoint, but fear the complexity and staffing requirements. If you face similar challenges and fears, come to this session and learn first-hand how a credit union’s two-person IT department used Vibe to do this without the complexities of other solutions. With no previous knowledge, training, or outside help, the IT team completely revamped the credit union's Intranet portal by moving it to Vibe. 1 hour Richard Borden
    Joe Marton
    CAS8169 - Addressing Risk in an IoT World with NetIQ and Cisco Identity-Powered Security

    The complexity of network environments has driven the need for increased granularity in security visibility, network analysis, and compliance assessment. With the advent of IoT, BYOD policies, and SaaS, it is no longer sufficient to analyze network activity solely with a broad identifier like an IP address. Today’s diverse networks require effective security event visibility and integration with accurate contextual data such as user identity, user privilege levels, endpoint device type, and endpoint security posture to provide a meaningful picture of network events and their significance.

    The Cisco® Identity Services Engine (ISE) integrates with the NetIQ Sentinel security event management platform to deliver in-depth security event analysis supplemented with relevant identity and device context. This integration provides network and security analysts the context they need to quickly assess the significance of security events by being able to answer questions like “who is this event associated with and what level of access do they have on the network” and “what type of device is it coming from.”

    Providing ISE user and device context to the NetIQ Sentinel platform enables a new range of security monitoring capabilities enabling IT organizations to increase the speed of security threat detection and simplifies threat response.

    1 hour Kevin Skahill
    Usman Choudhary
    CAS8171 - We Just Can't Be Sure Who to Trust Anymore: A CERT Lifecycle Approach to Addressing Insider Threat Risk

    Almost daily there are new examples of highly public data breaches. While this includes attacks from both insider and external attackers, an insider is always active in the attack or inadvertently the cause of the foundational vulnerabilities. With the definition of an insider growing to include contractors, partners, customers and even competitors, how do you define a program to address the insider threat risk?

    This session will review the risks and challenges, describe a CERT lifecycle approach and highlight key areas where NetIQ solutions support the CERT lifecycle.

    1 hour Jeff Gibson
    David Littlejohn
    Matthew Ulery
    CAS8176 - Managing Entropy, the Primary Cause of Operational and Security Risk: File Integrity & Change Monitoring

    Change, whether well intentioned or malicious, is at the root of many operational and security incidents. Proactive monitoring of change activity enables the security or operations analyst to recognize leading indicators of an issue or breach, detect a breach in progress, and speed root cause analysis to address defense against future incidents.

    This session will review how the policy based monitoring of NetIQ Change Guardian can give Security and Operational analysts the focused insights you need.

    1 hour David Littlejohn
    Jason Smith
    CAS8247 - Customer Experience: PlateSpin Forge Disaster Recovery

    Tom Lockhart from Hastings & Prince Edward Counties Health Unit will talk about the disaster recovery-related challenges his organization faced, why his old solution was ineffective, and why he chose PlateSpin Forge. He will go on to discuss the PlateSpin Forge customer experience: setting up the appliance, configuring it for replications, the ongoing management, and the all-important testing. And of course Tom will cover the most important part of disaster recovery: experiencing an unplanned outage and actually having to fail-over and fail-back.

    1 hour Mike Robinson
    Tom Lockhart
    CAS8248 - Introducing the new PlateSpin Forge 700 Disaster Recovery Appliance

    Whether you're a small-to-mid-sized organization or a large enterprise, tolerance for downtime is at an all-time low. That's why NetIQ introduced the new PlateSpin Forge 700 Series appliances. Launched in 2008, PlateSpin Forge is the world's first disaster recovery appliance, capable of protecting both physical and virtual server workloads using embedded virtualization technology.

    Building on years of innovation and experience, the newest appliances add powerful new specifications and support for server workloads on the latest operating systems, physical servers, virtualization platforms.

    Learn how PlateSpin Forge all-in-one disaster recovery appliances can help you lower recovery point objectives and accelerate recovery times, with mirroring-like performance at a tape-backup price point.

    1 hour Mike Robinson
    Brad Dobbins
    CAS8249 - Mass Migration and Datacenter Transformation Solutions

    This session starts by explaining what typical data center transformation projects look like, and discusses the common challenges of migrating large numbers of server workloads.
    We will then dig deep into the specific project planning required for such large-scale transformations, and show how NetIQ's PlateSpin product portfolio helps both Service Provide and Enterprise customers more efficiently plan and execute large data center transformation.

    1 hour Jo De Baer
    Pradeep Chaturvedi
    CAS8250 - Intro to Workload Migration and Server Consolidation

    In this session we start by briefly touching on the basic server consolidation, data center migration, and transformation needs, to set the stage. We then dive into the specific solutions that NetIQ has to offer, followed by a "What's new in 2014" for PlateSpin Migrate 11.1 and PlateSpin Recon 4.1. We then focus on the most interesting new features in PlateSpin Migrate 11.1, which are the Microsoft Hyper-V 2012 integration, and the latest enhancements for mass migrations. We finish the session with a high-level road map overview of PlateSpin Recon and PlateSpin Migrate, including the planned "to the cloud" migrations.

    1 hour Jo De Baer
    Pradeep Chaturvedi
    CAS8252 - AppManager 101

    A look at the AppManager portfolio, including the operating systems and applications monitored, as well as the other offerings such as Advanced Analytics, agentless vs. agent-based monitoring Analysis Center, and more.

    1 hour Dereck Drobot
    Scott Hart
    CAS8253 - What's New with NetIQ AppManager (and What's Coming Next)?

    In this session we will show AppManager customers some of the latest features that have been released, as well as a peak at the roadmap to see what's coming up on the horizon.

    1 hour Michi Schniebel
    CAS8254 - Integration / Visualization of the Information in your IT Environment

    We will look at how NetIQ Operation Center can take a variety of data sources and bring the data together. You can then display the information on a web-based dashboard that is unique to your environment, and share with multiple users, including your partners and customers.

    1 hour Karen Nemzek
    CAS8255 - Playing Well with Others: Monitoring GroupWise, SLES, Sentinel, and IDM with AppManager

    This session will explore how NetIQ AppManager can be used to monitor other NetIQ, SUSE and Novell products to improve performance and availability.

    1 hour Dave Zucker
    CAS8256 - AppManager in the Real World: A Real-Life Customer Implementation

    This session will walk through examples of how several real customers use NetIQ AppManager to monitor their entire enterprises, including systems, applications, and even devices that don't have out-of-the-box modules built for them.

    1 hour Scott Hart
    Dereck Drobot
    CAS8257 - Disaster Recovery and Workload Migration for Novell OES

    This session explores how you can protect, migrate, and manage your Novell Open Enterprise Server workloads with NetIQ solutions. You'll learn how you can virtualize OES workloads, and move or copy them between physical servers and virtual hosts with PlateSpin Migrate. We'll show you how to to improve your disaster recovery capabilities, with lower RTO, RPO, and costs, using PlateSpin Protect and PlateSpin Forge. And you'll see how to use PlateSpin Recon to collect and analyze the data you need to plan the most efficient use of your data center resources.

    1 hour Pradeep Chaturvedi
    Jo De Baer
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